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Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 16:47:46

Hi, I've just qualified as an adult nurse, started working a month ago on a busy specialist ward. I am not enjoying the job at all, a lot of staff are leaving, morale is low, my supernumerary status hasn't been upheld, which has left me feeling very overwhelmed and quite stressed. I also don't enjoy the specialism and wish I'd started on a general medical ward. Also one of the nurses spoke to me like I was absolute rubbish because I couldn't swap a shift with her confused I just feel like I've made a mistake.

Is it too early for me to start looking and applying for other jobs? If I did get an interview for somewhere else would the interviewer think I wasn't committed?

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NorthernLurker Sun 07-Oct-18 16:55:16

Tbh most wards are so desperate for nurses that you'd had to have actively killed multiple patients with an axe to be frowned on.

Ok I am exaggerating but seriously I don't think this will be an issue, you can pick and choose. Just be clear that you are looking for broad experience and a good and supportive environment to grow your skills.

Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 17:10:24

Thanks northern, that is literally exactly what I'm looking for!

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giveovermypreciousss Sun 07-Oct-18 17:14:57

Hi I am a student nurse, first year and being treated awfully by my mentor. I only have 6 weeks left, I can't leave and it feels like a lifetime.
You do have a choice though, If you are unhappy then leave, don't put yourself through months of misery, it is not worth it.
I didnt know NQN are still supernumerary, how long for?

NicoAndTheNiners Sun 07-Oct-18 17:15:02

I don’t think an interviewer would think you weren’t committed.

You could mention stuff like feeling that you’ve realised you want to consolidate your skills on a general medical ward before thinking of specialist wards? And yes mention that the ward is short staffed, low morale, etc. Remember you’d be interviewing them as well because you don’t want to be on a similar staffed ward. So ask in an interview about staffing vacancies, turn over, etc? Make them sell it to you.

Good luck.

NicoAndTheNiners Sun 07-Oct-18 17:16:16

*giveover, please talk to,your link lecturer for support. Even if you ask them not to get involved they may be able to suggest some coping strategies, etc.

giveovermypreciousss Sun 07-Oct-18 17:25:07

Nico Im in tomorrow, Im planning on seeing how she is with me in the morning and if its no better Im going to complain.
Im not surprised there isnt enough nurses when they are treated so badly by each other.

Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 17:38:07

Aww Nico, so sorry you're feeling this way! Please speak to your pef, you really shouldn't be treated this way!

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Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 17:38:35

I get 5 weeks supernumerary because it's such a specialised ward.

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Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 17:39:05

Not nico I meant giveover 🙄

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Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 17:40:23

Thanks for your replies I will have a good think, I hate the thought of quitting so soon! I'm worried about my pin to be honest.

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SlowlyShrinking Sun 07-Oct-18 17:43:55

Give yourself a pat on the back for not throwing the towel in when you’ve been chucked right in the deep end! Seriously! And yes, as NorthernLurker says, you can pretty much pick and choose. At the hospital where I work, they have a scheme that allows nurses to transfer to a different ward, without having to apply and do an interview etc, just because they’re so desperate to try and keep staff. Might be worth checking if your hospital has anything like that in place. Life’s too short to be miserable at work. Better to move than to leave the profession altogether! Good luck

Elliss2018 Sun 07-Oct-18 18:11:54

That's interesting slowly, no idea who I would have to speak to about that. I work for a huge trust so it would be something that I'm interested in.

I've also seen jobs in my local hospice, I loved my hospice placements as a student. It's somewhere that I thought I'd consider in a few years, but now they're advertising I'm tempted.

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NicoAndTheNiners Sun 07-Oct-18 18:23:53

Apply for the hospice job for sure.

headstone Sat 13-Oct-18 19:05:46

I’m currently on annual leave and due to start maternity leave on Monday. Only SNP as I’ve only worked a year. Anyway Izvestia just found out I should have paid the registration fee 2 weeks ago. I’ve started the registration application form and I will speak to my manager on Monday if so haven’t given birth by then. I’m so stressed. I know I’ve made a major cock up. Can they deny me SNP do you think?
Please be kind.

Babyroobs Sat 13-Oct-18 22:32:15

I have worked in a large hospice for 10 years, I am now only on the bank but until very recently they would not recruit newly qualified nurses due to them feeling that to work in such a difficult environment you need to have experience. However in the past six months they have been so desperate to recruit that they have changed their policy ! When I started there it was lovely peaceful place to work , the workload was manageable and a nice environment to work in. Over the years it has become stressful , short staffed, the complexity of the palliative care given has increased massively and can be more like an acute medical ward at times. They are not even allowed to call themselves a hospice any more.

Elliss2018 Sat 13-Oct-18 23:04:52

That's interesting roobs, the hospice I did a placement in whilst I was a student did not recruit newly qualified nurses but now will too. What do you think has made palliative care more complex?

I haven't applied for another job yet, I thought I'd try and give it a while longer... had a good day early in the week but my last two days have been awful! No help when I've asked, again being spoken to like rubbish. Just don't know what to do confused

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Elliss2018 Sat 13-Oct-18 23:08:02

Hi headstone, I've no idea as I'm only newly qualified myself! Definitely speak to your manager or hr? Hope that you get sorted x

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Babyroobs Sun 14-Oct-18 13:05:42

Ellis - I think people are just living longer with more complex palliative care needs. In recent years we just seem to have had a lot more patients with very complex care needs. There are more treatments available to keep people alive longer, there are problems with moving people to Nursing homes and getting people home and the pressure on the hospice service is enormous. It's good that your local hospice has decided to take on newly qualified staff.

AuntieO Mon 15-Oct-18 19:52:32

Would you consider working in a Nursing Home? I'm qualified 2 years and have encountered some of the difficulties that you have. I'm sorry you are going through this, it's soul destroying after working hard for 3 years to get your qualification sad
I now work in a small private nursing home and it is so much better, I am enjoying my work. Yes, I'm still stressed but that is nursing!
I actually get time with people and it's a such a privilege to look after older people and make sure they have dignified, peaceful end of life care. Palliative/end of life care out in the community is complex but the GP's and community nursing team are very supportive in my area.
I had a lot of people tell me that I would become deskilled etc etc but that is so far from the truth. Nursing home nurses don't have doctors at their elbows and we have to make decisions on our own a lot of the time. It's quite satisfying! You also get to hone your leadership and management skills as are nurse in charge quite often. Pay is often a lot better in the private sector.
PM me if you need any advice. Good luck with everything! Thankfully, you have so many options at the minute, that is the only positive of the nursing shortage, you can work literally anywhere.

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