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HoleyCoMoley Fri 05-Oct-18 16:20:12

What are you concerned about, qualifying when you're 22 and not 21? Do you know what you'd like to specialise in, if experience of working with children will help then do it. You have to try and be flexible, have you set yourself strict career goals which you feel you must achieve.

Studentnursesos12e Fri 05-Oct-18 00:35:02

Sorry for yet another post.

I really am struggling with placement, my uni has said there is a possibility of me joining the child cohort y2 next september.

There are many benefits to this. I would move home for nine months and get a job, preferably working with children. If not, as a csw/phlebotomist. I would also focus on my health and weight.

However, I am fiercely careerist and ambitious and cant shake the feeling of being set back a year.

So can anyone reassure me that qualifying at the grand old age of 22 😂😂 would not be a disaster for my ambitious career aims.

Its not set in stone that I will do this, I could stay on the current course. But I am really scared for placement and am really considering my options.

Thanks all

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