Interview whilst on maternity leave

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sparklesheep Wed 03-Oct-18 17:18:31

I am part way through interviewing for a promotion. It's a big step up - so no guarantee I'll get it but I think I'm down to the last two. My career is in difficulties if I don't get it and for various reasons it's been a super stressful view months.

Interview process has been messed up and I am now on maternity leave and have very recently given birth. I was contacted today to say I had gotten through to the next round which is a number of other interviews with very senior stakeholders.

I know my rights and that I could probably put this off for as long as I want but that's not fair on the team nor do I want this hanging over me. But I also can't imagine doing anything competent any time soon.

I'm going to need to give them an indication soon of when I think I'll be ready, has anyone done anything similar when on leave or any tips ?

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