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Leahl30 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:58:59

Basically I'm 13 weeks pregnant off work on sick on ssp. I get paid monthly. And because of the way my work pays us. We get paid a month in advance and if we're off in the lat month it's deducted from the following months pay. I'm off all of October. So my november pay will be low. And my October pay will be ok I worked a week and off 3 weeks. So my smp entitlement will be low. I had good pay from March to August and will have a good pay in December. But they aren't calculated for my smp. How many pay slips do I need to send off for maternity allowance? And has anyone been employed and gone back to the same company after claiming maternity allowance. And my work aren't as supportive as they could be so I don't feel I can just ring them and ask at the moment. Thanks

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