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Kitttykins Sat 29-Sep-18 06:59:42

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a long one so bear with..

A few days ago this particular manager -lets call him Bob - shouted, swore (called me a c***) and belittled me in front of a new trainee as he believed I should of checked the system for some information. I calmly responded that we are not allowed to do that any more (unless sales believe the clients are lying) and forwarded the email stating this to him. I did check this out for him but he hung up the phone every time I tried to call him to let him know what I found.

Fast forward a few days and another manager asks for the same information, this manager was extremely polite and I did it straight away. This angered "Bob" who came hurling into my office within minutes screaming that I disrespected him. Bob then claimed that the client says this is incorrect information so I need to talk to them and tell them we will no longer work with them. I explained to Bob that the info was correct, that I don't work in a customer facing environment and that although the customer is lying they cannot refuse to work with them. Bob got extremely abusive, and eventually 'quit' and went home.

The next day Bob returns to work and poop hits the fan. Bob has told everyone i am bullying him, and as a manipulative narcissist has managed to convince the head of sales (lets call him "Bill") that this is the case. Bob and Bill have now banned everyone in the building (a team of 50ish people) from talking to me and are extremely abusive to anyone who does speak to me. As my job involves working with the managers I am no longer able to meet deadlines as they refuse to answer emails, pick up the phone, or talk to me in person and I am now getting into trouble for not completing my work on time.

I spoke to my boss about this and he said it will blow over and to keep my head down. I really want to quit but I don't want them to think they've won. What would you do in this situation?

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Undercoverbanana Sat 29-Sep-18 07:03:02

Union. This sounds like a playschool.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sat 29-Sep-18 07:03:30

Underline in writing to your boss that their bullying of you is causing your productivity to suffer and stressing you won't accept being penalized for this

Look for another job

It's horrible though.

Kitttykins Sat 29-Sep-18 07:14:05

Haha i said to my husband yesterday it was like being back at school!

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Kitttykins Sat 29-Sep-18 07:15:37

I am actively looking for a new job, I don't think they will change their ways. Honestly you would think grown men have better things to do with their time 😅

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StealthPolarBear Sat 29-Sep-18 07:19:55

Hang on, 50 grown adults in proper jobs aren't talking to you on the say so of one person? How can not one of them thought what that might do to the business, and how stupid and childish it sounds?
Id email the most senior of the 50, copying in your boss, asking them to explain what is going on and explaining the impact on your work.
And I'd involve your union now.

Kitttykins Sat 29-Sep-18 07:36:14

I'm not part of any union, do you have any recommendations? Most of the 50 people are classed as self employed, and when I've spoken to them outside of work they have expressed fear of being let go if they speak up.

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Undercoverbanana Sat 29-Sep-18 08:00:48

What is the union for your employment sector?

You may find they are unlikely to take your case if it exists before you join. (A bit like buying house insurance while your house is burning.)

This Is why everyone should be unioned up from the start so they are covered.

Are HR also behaving like 3 year olds?

HerLadySheep Sat 29-Sep-18 08:04:49

You potentially have a claim for constructive dismissal. They are very tricky cases to win but seek specialist advice. That sounds like an appalling situation to work in.

daisychain01 Sat 29-Sep-18 08:41:55

Don't bother with Constructive Dismissal on this, you're on a hiding to nothing and you'll spend a fortune on legal fees in the process.

I spoke to my boss about this and he said it will blow over and to keep my head down. They're a bunch of clowns, the lot of them and your boss has slopey -shoulders. He could give you proper support by telling Bob his behaviour is unacceptable but he'd rather stay silent.

I would find a new job, it is definitely Toxic with a Capital T.

Kitttykins Sat 29-Sep-18 08:56:22

Ahh damn, I'm going to call ACAS to see what advice they can give me help with finding a union.

As for HR I haven't spoken to them, as Bill and Bob have had countless HR complaints and they treat them like a badge of honour and brag about them.. usually it ends with the person who complained being fired for under performance within days of the complaint.

I've looked into constructive dismissal and it will probably be far to expensive.

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LonginesPrime Sat 29-Sep-18 09:14:42

Write everything down with dates, times, etc.

Document all the details of people ignoring you to the point you can't meet your deadlines, send requests by email and chase them by email (so you have a record), stating that their input is needed for deadlines to be met (and give them the dates so they know your deadlines).

Definitely complain to HR and look for another job. It does sound like constructive dismissal but I would just leave and find somewhere normal to work - it sounds insane.

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