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melady73 Wed 26-Sep-18 17:45:16

Hi all
I wonder if you could give me any advice as to whether I would be justified asking for a salary increase to cover my managers maternity leave. There are only the two of in the department and to be fair there is very little difference between our roles, the work is very equally covered between us but she does slightly more of the out of office appointments. She has fully admitted to me that, in reality, she doesn't manage me at all. When I started nearly 4 years ago she was on the same salary that I started on so she negotiated a payrise as she claimed that she should be paid more than me if she was 'technically' the manager. She is due to go on maternity leave and it has been assumed that I will take over all the out of office appointments and the few bits that she deals with day to day and I will get a few hours help per week by another member of staff to cover some of my admin work that I deal with. I don't mind this at all but I feel that I would be justified to ask for my salary to be increased to match hers whilst covering maternity leave. She has also indicated that she is likely to come back on a part time basis and that we are likely to have a role reversal so that she is more office based on her return and I basically do her role as I will be still be working full time hours. On this basis I feel that I would be justified to ask that my salary remains at the increased level should this happen. Does anyone have any advice on how I would approach this with the business owner?

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BackforGood Thu 27-Sep-18 00:15:25

I think that sounds totally justified.
In the first instance, I would ask for an 'acting' salary whilst she is absent.

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