Dilemma in probation period

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LittleMissedTheSunshine Wed 19-Sep-18 17:39:48

I started a new job three weeks ago today. All was going ok, but 10 days ago I suddenly came down with excruciating back pain and ended up in A and E. The job is field based which means either working from home or travelling anywhere in the country. My boss let me work my travelling days from home the first week, and I hoped I'd soon get better.

Sadly, I'm no better and in fact possibly even worse. Lots of pain, barely any sleep and dosed up to the eyeballs on a cocktail of strong pain killers. I've managed to do one travelling day this week (by train) as not allowed to drive due to pain meds and it was hard going. I had two other travelling days which were cancelled at the last minute (by other participants) luckily for me. So I've been at home this week just reading up on stuff.

Saw the doctor today and he thinks its a slipped disc, I have a consultant appointment on Friday. Next week, I'm due to be travelling all over the country with over night stays. My dilemma is, do I try and do this even though I'm feeling like shite and on high doses of codeine/diazepam which will make me sleepy/dizzy/drowsy? Or just go off sick?
I don't want to go off sick in probation but which is the lesser of two evils - go off sick (unpaid) or try and go in and be in pain/on drugs in which case I'll find it difficult to make a good impression and look all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm so not in the right headspace to be doing all this.

The constant pain and lack of sleep has affected my mood, been crying a lot thinking how can I do my job and what's going to happen with my health, so although part of me thinks I shouldn't go in, I'm not sure if I'm just being negative due to my state of mind.

I don't know what to do....

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LittleMissedTheSunshine Wed 19-Sep-18 18:48:27

Bumping as could really do with some advice..

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Canadalife Wed 19-Sep-18 18:56:41

You poor thing.

i suspect that doped up with pain control etc you will not be working at full capacity and may end up not performing at your best. You really don’t want to end up failing probation because of a capability issue. I really think the least damaging thing would be to go off sick. Keep work informed about what is happening. They may end up extending your probation.

Good luck

LittleMissedTheSunshine Thu 20-Sep-18 08:38:53

I've asked the head of department for a chat (he's the one who recruited me and will probably be the one to decide my fate). Just gonna be honest and say I want to make this work but this has happened...
Up all night on codeine and diazepam, so feeling zombified today cannot work like this.

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LittleMissedTheSunshine Fri 21-Sep-18 11:02:07

Head of department has ignored my email... I think I can see how this is going. Not impressed!

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