Appraisal...never had one before!

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Pinkmonkeybird Wed 19-Sep-18 14:49:30

I've been with the same organisation for 10 years and as it is a very small charity, official procedures such as appraisals have NEVER happened. A few months ago we were told a restructure would be taking place and it is recommended that I am in line to be Deputy CEO which would mean a rise in salary and in hours. This isn't as fancy as it sounds. So I've been emailed a form and had to outline the duties I perform and the next bit is 'Employees Comments'. I've been given no guidelines on what to comment on at all! Do I highlight training I'd like to receive? Thoughts for the future of the organisation? ...I'm stuck! In previous employment situations with appraisals it was always a verbal discussion and I didn't have to complete a form beforehand. Help?!

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Chewbecca Wed 19-Sep-18 15:31:52

I'm a bit confused, is the form an appraisal? Sounds more like a job description. What are you being asked to do with this form?

If you have an appraisal process, presumably you have a policy document that details the steps?

We do a self assessment as part of appraisals. That's completed and shared before a meeting and the employee highlights their achievements against objectives etc.

We also have a comments section after the appraisal has been written up. If all is well, some people write things like 'thank you for your support, looking forward to the challenges next year will bring' or that sort of thing but it is fine to leave it blank too. If there is a disagreement about the content of the appraisal, this box can capture those issue, perhaps mitigating factors about missed objectives.

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