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mbb1 Mon 17-Sep-18 22:28:51

Colleague A has made official complaint for bullying/harrassment against colleague B. The probs started when A just stopped speaking to B ( and another colleague, C)for no apparent reason. B basically just let A get on with the almighty sulk and didn't fuss or chase after A. 2 weeks later A makes official complaint. How do you think A can justify this as bullying or harassment ? B didn't do anything, simply didn't give A any time or attention. How is B meant to put up a defence at complaint meeting? I am C, by the way

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flowery Tue 18-Sep-18 06:34:36

So everything was fine then A stopped talking to B and put in a bullying and harassment complaint?

I imagine there’s more to it, but if A is unable to come up with any examples of bullying or harassment B should not have any trouble defending him/herself.

flumpybear Tue 18-Sep-18 07:08:04

Eithervtheres more to it or HR will chuck it out. If I were B complain to HR if it's chucked out for A purposefully trying to get B into trouble

Doyoumind Tue 18-Sep-18 07:15:43

Could A claim that after the silent treatment began (which they could deny) you and B were discussing A behind A's back and leaving A out of things?

I would just say that you became aware that A and B had a problem but decided to stay out of it.

Without evidence I agree it's unlikely to come to much.

ShalomJackie Tue 18-Sep-18 07:28:37

Or maybe A started trying to avoid B because B was bullying her it sounds as though you are biased towards B and therefore may have a clouded view/different spin on what the outcome should be.

SassitudeandSparkle Tue 18-Sep-18 07:36:45

I think you've posted another thread about this. Is B the manager of A & C?

I'm assuming from your other thread that A is the aggressive one. If B is the manager then they should have asked what the problem was with the no-talking thing. We all fall out from time to time and a day or two without speaking to let someone calm down is OK IMO, but to leave the situation for two weeks (with A festering and working themselves up over it, most likely) is not really a good idea. iF B is the manager, they should have tackled it sooner.

Is this why A thought B had been talking about them to someone else?

What kind of management structure do you have in place above the three of you to deal with this, any HR department to go to?

Agree that it comes across that you are on B's side, for whatever reason.

HoleyCoMoley Tue 18-Sep-18 13:50:59

Is this the same issue as the other thread, from what I understand. For some reason A accused B of talking about them behind their back with C. B denied this and said they were talking about something else which they are entitled to. A didn't believe B so called them a liar several times in front of other staff. This has caused tension in the office. This all came about because A, for some reason, stopped talking to B and C, there must have been a reason why. B and C ignored A and just carried on as normal, now A is putting in a complaint saying that A are bullying harassing them. Is that right.

mbb1 Tue 18-Sep-18 15:57:56

Hi, no I've not posted on this before. No one involved is a manager, all 3 are the same position in the same office.

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mbb1 Tue 18-Sep-18 15:59:25

There is no other thread by me on this matter. Complaint was only made yesterday.

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Hadalifeonce Tue 18-Sep-18 16:03:01

I think unless A comes up with evidence of bullying behaviour, emails, witness statements etc. then it is very difficult to judge on a he said/she said situation. You say you are C, and A stopped talking to you at the same time; do you have anything to add to any possible investigations re the accusation?

mbb1 Tue 18-Sep-18 16:08:45

I asked if I could say something but hr said no

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HoleyCoMoley Tue 18-Sep-18 17:09:19

What happened to make A stop speaking to you both, are you all being invited into a meeting with the manager to discuss this. Was any of this bought up at the time, A not talking, the bad atmosphere, is the manager aware there has been all this conflict. A will need evidence that they have been harrasses, bullying is harder to prove. What has happened since the complaint went in, any news from h.r. Are you all in a Union.

Hadalifeonce Tue 18-Sep-18 17:12:52

I would have thought anything that sheds any light on the situation would be useful to HR, especially as you seem to be in a similar situation as B.

Gardenpicnic Tue 18-Sep-18 22:14:33

I wrote the other thread, completely different person grin

Too many colleagues A, B and C wink

mbb1 Tue 18-Sep-18 23:28:41

Thanks for the responses. A and C are in a union, B is not. The manager of all 3 did try to sort it out but A was hostile and patronising towards B who then walked out of the room. I'm not sure what evidence A could provide but will have union rep in the meeting with HR

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mbb1 Tue 18-Sep-18 23:32:24

I think I will put something together to explain my involvement in the situation. To demonstrate the A stopped talking to me at the same time but that no complaint made against me . No idea why no complaint against me as well

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daisychain01 Wed 19-Sep-18 04:28:36

As C I think your latest update is a good approach. Don't get involved. HR needs to intervene. I expect there is some back story that will emerge, A will give some rationale (sounds like their escalation to HR was to bring the matter to a head).

Best you don't get involved or get sucked into the drama. It sounds tedious!

Lucy001 Wed 19-Sep-18 12:12:26

Stay out of it. You don't want to be involved. Otherwise you may find yourself under scrutiny as well.

mbb1 Thu 20-Sep-18 08:23:52

Thank you all, for your advice and comments.

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Tory25 Tue 02-Oct-18 18:32:36

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DoraJar Tue 02-Oct-18 18:48:54

I think you are on the wrong thread @Tory25 - but I’d try a magic eraser!

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