Really worried about what work will think/if they can do anything

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pinkbottle48 Sun 16-Sep-18 22:06:39

Since going back to work in May after maternity I have had to leave work twice. Then I had the flu three weeks ago and was too ill to go in. Now my whole family and myself have a stomach bug and I know I won't be well enough (sick/diarrhoea sorry tmi). I use to have an excellent sickness record and I'm really worried what my employer can do. I know they won't be happy as I was off only three weeks ago. I need my job I can't afford to be a sahm
I hate how women are seen as unreliable once they become mothers but now feel I'm one of those who cause this belief!
At the same time the guilt I feel over leaving my poorly little girl is awful.
I don't fully even know what I'm asking I'm just so ill and stressed.

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BackforGood Sun 16-Sep-18 22:34:03

Neither the flu, nor d&V are anything to do with you now being a parent. It is just sods law they have come so close together, but, as a nurse you can hardly take your illness into work and they know that. If you have worked there for some time and never had much time off sick, they will also be aware of that.

I think the key to "having to leave work" or having to be off when your child is ill, is to be really clear your oh is doing their share too, and that you aren't always the 'default parent'. It happens though, and, again, you record should stand you in good stead.
flowers and I hope you recover soon.

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