Spoken to like crap by universal credit after redundancy

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weetafix Thu 13-Sep-18 10:30:56

Hi. I didn't know where else to post this.

I was made redundant in July, I am 5 months pregnant with DC2.

I made a claim to universal credit, the lady we originally interviewed with said we would get the basic element, the child element and the housing element (we are on shared ownership)

They buggered up the claim. They said we lived in a full mortgage property not shared ownership (even though there is evidence I've put shared ownership and the costs)
We haven't had a payment and had to take out a loan with them...
I have spoken to numerous advisors and they have all been kind and assured us this is not our fault and that we will get the money back dated.
Every time we ring though no progress has been made on the 'mistake' and I am beginning to think they are just fobbing us off.

We were told to ring back today so we just did, the rude person on the phone has had me in tears. She was sarcastically saying 'yes, yes, yes' a lot and huffing and being very monotone. She said to ring back tomorrow. I refused and said I wanted this sorting now. She then got angry and shouted at me 'Do not talk over me, will you let me talk' (I didn't talk over her at all, she actually began to talk over me)

WTH?! What do I do now? I feel sick. We worked out that we are entitled to about £210 a month which would help hugely, I understand it's not a lot to some people but it is to us right now.

I just know that they aren't going to pay us again this month because of their crappy service. I feel sick to my stomach sad

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practicallyperfectmummy Thu 13-Sep-18 10:45:09

So sorry sounds awful and stressful. Call your local citizens advice and see if they can suggest or help. Maybe call back and you will no doubt speak to a different advisor, explain you felt the previous one was rude and upsetting to you. I've found some phone advisors are just generally more helpful than others. Good luck

weetafix Thu 13-Sep-18 10:54:32

I've just rang back and before I had chance to explain why I was ringing I was hung up on. I was on hold for bloody ages before that too angry

I'm trying not to stress but this is absolutely awful.

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