Smoking - what are my rights?

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MrChimney Thu 13-Sep-18 10:03:38

We've recently had an office reshuffle and I have found myself sitting next to a man who smokes several times a day. It's a bit of a stuffy office with poor circulation so the stench of his cigarettes is pretty intense and makes me feel sick.

I can't think of a polite way to ask to move or complain. Any ideas re my rights or what I should do?

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SassitudeandSparkle Thu 13-Sep-18 10:06:31

Presumably he's not smoking inside the office if that is not permitted, it's the smell that lingers after he's been smoking outside?

Coconutcreampie Thu 13-Sep-18 10:07:00

Tough basically. It's legal to smoke and he's not doing it in the office so nothing u can do. If its that awful then speak to your manager or HR but in all honesty unless you are pregnant they are just gonna think your a bit of a prissy princess

Babdoc Thu 13-Sep-18 10:10:59

Well, he’s giving off toxic carcinogenic chemicals from his clothes and breath. You are inhaling those. You could try asking for a move on health and safety grounds.
If that doesn’t work, simply vomit on his desk every time the stink makes you nauseated. With any luck, HE will then ask to be moved!

Itsatravesty Thu 13-Sep-18 10:12:22

I'd ask for an air purifier.

MrChimney Thu 13-Sep-18 10:56:16

Yes SassitudeandSparkle that's exactly it, it lingers for quite a while and then he's off again for another!

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HoleyCoMoley Thu 13-Sep-18 12:57:37

Could you ask your manager to move your desk, install a window extractor fan or an air purifier.

MrChimney Thu 13-Sep-18 13:04:19

That's the thing, how do I ask/approach this?

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specialsubject Thu 13-Sep-18 13:07:18

manager problem - you are stuck sitting next to someone who stinks. Doesn't matter if it is BO or coffin nails, it is still horrible.

speak to your boss and say your colleague smells and some action needs to be taken. Druggie can either smoke on his own time or keep an outfit specifically for his fixes.

HoleyCoMoley Thu 13-Sep-18 13:45:00

Maybe ask your manager what the smoking policy is, it's difficult, this happened where I worked but it was the women who smoked, they came back in doused in perfume and sucking on mints. It isn't very nice, would anyone be upfront and tell him suggests he puts a jacket on to go out.

MrChimney Thu 13-Sep-18 14:42:23

LOL specialsubject it's cigarettes, not weed.

HoleyCoMoley yes he sprays himself with body spray which somehow makes it worse.

Not sure if we have a smoking policy, I'll have a look.

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specialsubject Thu 13-Sep-18 15:42:02

still a stinking addictive drug, just a legal one. serious saddo stuff.

Ylvamoon Sat 15-Sep-18 10:32:45

Anybody in the office with asthma or migraines? Because what you describe would set me right off.
I think you need to be up front with your colleague and tell him, that he has "BO" ...

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