Made redundant at 32 weeks pregnant-- advice pls

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J3ssicaJones Tue 11-Sep-18 18:58:58

I'm being made redundant at 32 weeks pregnant. I have been offered statutory redundancy ( been there for 4 years) and stat mat pay 6 weeks at 90%. They have advised me to apply for a job in house but I go on mat leave in 4 weeks. I have never been through this process before....
Can anyone advise as to what the best outcome would be?

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Lwmommy Tue 11-Sep-18 19:05:39

It depends on your plans for after maternity.

If you like the company and were planning to return then look at what alternative roles they have. It may be that they have a role availabke thats similar enough to your s that you can redeploy without interview but youllneed to check your policy.

If you wouldnt have wanted to return anyway then this could be a good thing for you. In a redundancy situation they often pay maternity in a lump sum so just check on that and if it will have any financial implications for you with Child tax credits or anything.

AmyRB Mon 01-Oct-18 22:16:29

I'm in the same situation atm 24weeks pregnant and been in the company under 2years so not entitled to redundancy. It's so stressful. I want be getting made redundant until the start of December so am hoping I will be still entitled to Smp. Hope you get things sorted and get the best out come xxxx

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