I messed up

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SkullPointerException Wed 12-Sep-18 15:16:57

When you get to work, go there and explain the mishap. Seems you've been there for a while and you get along.

Not the end of the world. Us bosses are human and most of us don't take pleasure in firing long-standing employees whom we like over genuine, inconsequential mistakes.

FWIW, I'm genius at making a total tit of myself at work and I'm still here. Things I've accidentally done to my bosses without getting fired:

- referred to one an utter moron (he got fired as a result, actually, I really had a point, though)
- accidentally propositioned one via text (drunk, did mean the propositioning part, decidedly did not mean the recipient)
- made one look like an utter moron even though this one clearly wasn't (still my boss, actually. He mysteriously still likes me.)
- literally elbowed one and made him spill coffee all over himself at a public industry event. He was due to speak in front of a large audience.
- called one a pompous, self-infatuated arse (he was, still is, is currently my boss' boss and I still work here).

Hope these make you feel a little better.

blueshoes Wed 12-Sep-18 14:58:12

Absolutely no jokes on work email (or even IM). Ever.

In many companies, because of the risk of cyber-hacking, t is practically undeletable as it is backed up by IT for business continuity reasons and can be dug up to haunt you any time. It never sounds right in the cold light of day. If you need to put <joke> against it, why even type it?

Haireverywhere Wed 12-Sep-18 14:27:31

That's a great outcome! Close call!

Idiot1 Wed 12-Sep-18 13:08:46

Thanks for your replies folks - I spoke to him in the office and apologised - thankfully he said he seen the funny side of it and it had gave him a laugh when he read it.
I have totally taking it on board never to do anything so stupid again in future.

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Haireverywhere Tue 11-Sep-18 05:49:54

We have a strict email policy and I'd be in trouble for that. Probably a verbal warning for language and tone.

Hope you get away with it!

daisychain01 Tue 11-Sep-18 05:03:03

I would find the email poor judgement.

Sounds like you fired it off without any thought about how it came across to the recipient. And your follow on email wouldn't have made it any better. It may not be gross misconduct depending on your company culture (it would in my company) but it would have reduced your credibility.

Never joke on email, or even verbally - that sounds extreme, but ime "jokes" can sound funny in your head but not when said out loud or in email.

MissConductUS Mon 10-Sep-18 14:33:28

You're welcome. Be careful with email. It lives forever and has ended or damaged many a career.


Idiot1 Mon 10-Sep-18 13:37:19

Thanks MissConduct

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MissConductUS Mon 10-Sep-18 13:34:11

Did someone say MissConduct? grin

Strictly speaking, it's not insubordination as you haven't refused to do something you were told to do, you've made a request. Have a word with the manager and apologize for how it came out and I think you'll be okay.

Idiot1 Mon 10-Sep-18 13:29:36

Looking some advice
I was working a horrible shift on Saturday night doing a job that I don't normally do at my place of work. I had been promoted from this job yrs ago but im still expected to do it when needed which I have no problems with.
Anyways at the end of my shift at 2am I sent my manager who does the rota an email titled
Subject: please never put me on a phone shift on a saturday night again.... OMFG!!
as above, frig me that wasbrutal.
I was joking and sent it as I was going out the door and ofcourse forgot to put any lol''s or hahas in there to show my humour.
Driving home I realised and pulled over and sent a follow up email saying ref last email I was joking by the way. But me being the idiot i am only sent that email to myself so he didn't actually receive it..
This manager I get on very well with but I've not heard anything back and now I'm absolutely bricking it. I've to go into work tonight and I'm sick at the thought of it

Could this be considered gross misconduct?

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