Treated differently because of gender?

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Mayjames Sun 09-Sep-18 19:22:51

Hi everyone,

So I'm in a difficult situation at work, I work in a male dominated environment and have had many issues since starting there relating to myself being a female (in the ways I am treated).
I have let these go, but I can't let this one go. Basically I was given contracted hours (full time) and as a result of any factors my boss offered me to start and finish at slightly different times that work better for me. I have now been doing these hours for the last 4 months.

I was told Friday they want me back on my original hours as of this week because they don't want me in the office for the hour I am in in the morning alone (even tho there are other people in but in different departments) they said it isn't safe for me to be on my own. My issue is there is a male colleague who is allowed to come in and be 'alone' for the same time I normally am left, hope this makes sense?

My impression of this is, is that they are concerned for my safety being alone because I'm female and as they said there could be odd people about, yet its perfectly fine for a male to carry on as they are?
I just wanted to get some opinions on whether this is acceptable and how to go about this, I feel as though I am being treated differently because of gender.
If the problem was something else I wouldn't question but this just doesn't sit right with me...

Thankss smile

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Blankiefan Sun 09-Sep-18 21:44:03

If the have a lone working policy it should be applied regardless of gender; but I've often found it's not. I would challenge this.

Spacezombies Sun 09-Sep-18 21:51:01

I used to work for a mental health charity and we did have groups of sex offenders come in for support after prison etc. Often they'd come in to enquire about things and it was accepted policy that women shouldn't be working alone in the building. We had security, but if you wanted to come in early and work alone it just wasn't allowed incase someone realised and tried to gain entry. But occasionally male colleagues would go in early and they weren't told not to. Might not be fair, but it was an understandable safety concern. So I think it depends on what the risk is.... are there men convicted of abuse against women frequently coming into the workplace?

Mayjames Sun 09-Sep-18 22:43:59

The lone working was mentioned briefly but after o thought about it there is that one other male who also starts the hour earlier so it doesn’t make sense, seems like they’re using that as an excuse as it should be equally the same right? And I can totally see what you mean working in an environment like that but it still should be an equal opportunity for men and women surely. The environment is working in is on a secure site and an engineering industry so there’s no risks such as those.

It seems wrong that I’ve been doing these hours for months and then they drop it on me that there’s a change.

Thank you for responding x

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