Not received full wage.

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missyell Fri 31-Aug-18 10:21:33

DH has recently left his job for a better one. However he received a wageslip from his old employer stating he will be paid for a full months work. However when we checked the bank there's an £800.00 less difference. We are in dire straits! Help! Advice needed xx

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HilaryBriss Fri 31-Aug-18 11:50:43

Has he spoken to his employer to ask why the discrepancy? I not, I would start there.

missyell Fri 31-Aug-18 13:27:08

He has emailed hr this morning but they said DH needs to speak to the supervisor on duty :/ so now he is waiting for a response from them. I feel sick with anxiety. We have 3 children to feed and bills to pay sad

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Violetroselily Fri 31-Aug-18 13:41:09

Has he actually worked the full month?

missyell Fri 31-Aug-18 13:45:02

No he was on annual leave for 4 weeks when he handed in his notice. They accepted it and said he will be paid up to and including the 22nd. There was 2 days he was supposed to have worked but he couldn't get there. They said he will be paid any holidays outstanding.
His wage slip says he will be getting 1300 but the amount paid into the bank was only 400.

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Stupidusername1 Fri 31-Aug-18 13:45:19

Did they deduct additional holiday (ie used more than accrued).

missyell Fri 31-Aug-18 13:50:21

No the deductions on the wage slip are clear and what we expected (national insurance, pension etc)
The holidays he took was booked and approved earlier in the year.

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iklboo Fri 31-Aug-18 13:54:17

While it was booked and approved earlier in the year had he actually 'earned' it (accrued it). If his holiday entitlement is 30 days per year that's calculated for the whole year and accrues at 2.5 days per month.

If he took no leave at all up to today he'd only have accrued 20 days. Anything taken over and above that the employer is entitled to recoup it.

Violetroselily Fri 31-Aug-18 14:24:24

Does he know if he was owed any holiday, or had he used more than he was accrued? His HR dept should be able to tell him this.

If he has used more than he has accrued then he would owe it back.

DonnaDarko Fri 31-Aug-18 14:39:36

Any deductions for holidays should show on the payslip though. If they have taken off any holidays, they shoild issue a new payslip for this period.

ADastardlyThing Fri 31-Aug-18 16:12:14

When does the holiday year start? It's pretty standard to say hols accrued but untalented will be paid it doesn't always mean there are any, but on the flip side it means holidays taken over those accrued will be deducted.

topcat2014 Fri 31-Aug-18 19:35:07

Does the net pay into the bank agree with the net pay on the payslip?

Because, if not, then something has gone wrong.

topcat2014 Fri 31-Aug-18 19:36:17

However, normally I would assume that one is paid for each calendar month (ie 1st to 31st), so if you leave on 22nd then that is 8 days or so lower than a usual month.

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