Bad interview

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daisychain01 Sat 01-Sep-18 16:25:51

I'm reading it that you are over-thinking the whole thing.

They haven't yet declined, but you want to meet the HR person to find out where you've gone wrong, and try to influence them to change their mind - when they may not even have made a decision yet.

Being candid, it will make you come across as desperate, not a good look in terms of holding all the ace cards both in the salary negotiations and if you were to get the job.

Looking at the clock means nothing. It certainly doesn't mean they lost interest in your interview. They might have had another interview after yours.

OakElmAsh Fri 31-Aug-18 12:35:08

It kind of sounds like you're looking for a do-over, and I can't see that as being fair to other candidates.

Now you may get an offer anyway - a lot people think they mess up interviews when they actually do fine.

But apart from sending a "thank you for the interview email", there's nothing more you can do at this stage

Redcliff Thu 30-Aug-18 23:51:19

We have all been there - it's hard when an interview doesn't go your way. Chalk it up to experience and make sure you ask for feedback.

Margaurette Thu 30-Aug-18 21:55:24

I wouldn't email them.

You might have made a better impression than you thought - looking at the clock could just mean that they need to finish on time; and I've often hired the person who I thought would do the best job not the person who was a smoothie at interview.

I would be less inclined to hire you if you asked to meet, though. I'd want a senior person who I could trust to do well in a stressful situation (like an interview), and it would ring alarm bells if you were unsure of yourself.

swingofthings Thu 30-Aug-18 08:09:14

Don't contact them the time to make them want to recruit you has passed. The fact you want the job desperately will make no difference to them.

Being invited to an interview is a far position from getting the job. They might already decided that it is to go to someone internally but are going through the process of interviewing because they have to or there could be amazing candidates. At the same time they might have had terrible candidates and they picked up that your skills and abilities despite your nervousness. Cross fingers for the latter.

Whisky2014 Wed 29-Aug-18 17:09:59

Well you could email them. I wouldn't suggest coffee as that seems too informal but you could re do it and just say you were very nervous?

Nervousnerys123 Wed 29-Aug-18 17:00:43

Ah good luck! Hope you get good news soon.

I know which questions I fell over with and was toying with idea of emailing the HR contact and asking if they would be willing to meet me for a coffee to go over some points again as really want the job and figure have nothing else to lose. Or if that would only make sure I wouldn't get asked back!

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Whisky2014 Wed 29-Aug-18 16:26:24

Hmmm probably not. I have had a fair few interviews recently and the majority of questions are competency based with just a few technical ones thrown in.
And they are more looking for the STAR format which is Situation, Task, Action, Result.
You never know, they might still hire you based on technical knowledge which I assume you answered well? They will also understand nerves.
Otherwise, put this behind you and move on knowing you have gained worthwhile experience.

I had one today too!

Nervousnerys123 Wed 29-Aug-18 16:20:29

So I had a not great interview for a job that would be perfect (is quite niche and also senior). Was v nervous as been at my current place forever so not interviewed for a while, nerves then subsided but despite preparing, answered a few questions not well at all. The questions were more competency based as opposed to technical so unsure as to how I could answer the again in an email etc. There were two interviewers and got the impression one did not take to me at all (looked at the clock etc). The other seemed to like me more and felt we had quite a good rapport. Both are equal in terms of seniority. Is there anything I can do to salvage this before they make a decision?

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