Letter being sent to people I don't know about health

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Jenmarble Thu 23-Aug-18 00:35:38

I got a letter after a meeting from work, it was about sickness leave. I found out the letter was sent to a couple of people, one not being management. basically this letter contains really personal stuff about my health and it contains personal opinions of the HR. Which are a bit upsetting. I'm worried about it causing gossip if the other non-management person isn't too careful about data protection.
Can a copy of this type of letter just be sent to people? I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, but i think im too depressed/shy to say anything about it.

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MrsRubyMonday Thu 23-Aug-18 01:19:28

There should be a reason why anyone included on the list is included when copying people in to stuff like this. For example, HR may need to inform the relevant first aider and your direct manager. However, they should make this clear first and get permission from you to share specific medical details. I would contact HR and ask them to explain why each person was included and why you weren't asked before they did so. I would also ask what steps are being taken to protect my personal information that has been sent out.

Jenmarble Thu 23-Aug-18 14:35:26

yes, thanks a lot

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