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whiskeysourpuss Mon 20-Aug-18 08:56:33

So I'm applying for jobs due to my current work basically being on a downhill slope to nowhere (I can't see the business being here in the next 5 years) & my employer seems to not be bothered by this.

How do I phrase that this is my reason for leaving on application forms without it looking as if I'm just slating my current employer?

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GOODCAT Mon 20-Aug-18 08:59:09

You shouldn't. You need to come up with a positive reason you are looking for new challenge and just say that new challenge isn't currently available where you are.

Finfintytint Mon 20-Aug-18 08:59:43

I don't think you have to give the actual reason. Just say something along the lines of " seeking a new challenge", etc.

Plainandsimple Mon 20-Aug-18 09:04:21

Don't. Put something like 'to seek a new challenge', 'to advance my skills in...' etc etc. Always make it about you, rather than the company you're leaving. We can all read between the lines and know when a candidate's being negative about their employer which, unless it's a competitor, isn't encouraging to read!

maxelly Mon 20-Aug-18 12:14:01

I always say 'career development' on application forms as my reason for leaving every job! And then if asked to expand at interview, I would explain that the role was interesting and I'd learnt a lot but now felt ready to develop my skills in abc area or was ready for a new challenge in xyz industry etc. To be honest as a recruiter everyone says pretty much the same thing and that's fine. I know my industry/people in it fairly well and usually can guess when someone's leaving because their manager is a nightmare or their role is dull - I'm just looking to see they have the tact and discretion to not say so directly!

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