Sickness at 30 weeks.

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Granny98 Sun 19-Aug-18 17:58:01

Hi guys!
I'm really struggling at the moment with my mental health at the moment and physically as-well.

To start from the start, I've had back problems and issues since I've been 12 weeks pregnant. I work 12 hour shifts either 3 days a week or 4. I have been struggling with these from the start and my work has never helped me out with changing my shift pattern or reducing my hours as it's "not ideal for the company"

Now at 30 weeks I've been off sick for the past 3 weeks as I have been dealing really badly with anxiety and I am in agony. It's mostly the anxiety that's keeping me from returning as I feel like I'm trapped in work for the full day. I am due to go on Mat leave as of the 10th of September but the problem is I am going to really struggle with bills as statutory sick pay is only £92 per week. Which doesn't come close to my earnings. What can I do? Is there any help out there?

Thank you

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flowery Sun 19-Aug-18 19:24:07

Really your only options to improve things financially are to either go back to work, take some annual leave instead of sick leave, or start your maternity leave early.

maxelly Mon 20-Aug-18 12:20:17

I'd start your maternity leave asap - or if you have some annual leave left take this first and then go onto mat leave straight after that. Even if you only get SMP this should be higher than statutory sick pay?

I know starting mat leave early means you get less time with the baby, and all pregnant women say they want to work right up until the baby's born but there's no shame whatsoever in not being able to do this and you really won't do yourself or the baby (or your work, incidentally!) any good by running yourself into the ground and stressing yourself out trying to work if you're not up to it. Put your feet up, relax and get ready for baby!

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