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Rosey94 Wed 15-Aug-18 22:08:18


I currently work on the Bank for an NHS trust. It's a zero hour contract but I noticed on my contract they it says "worker" not employee.
Can someone please give me any advice as to where I stand with maternity leave? Will I be allowed to take any without losing my job?

Am I entitled to any kind of maternity pay?

Am getting really worried about having no money and losing my job

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Littlefeather2 Fri 21-Sep-18 21:43:49

Hey Rosey94, don’t know if you’re still needing advice on this issue but I have worked as bank within the NHS and asked them about staying on the bank during and after maternity leave. I was told that is fine as long as you ring them to say you are going on maternity leave, they will make a note of it and keep you ‘on the books’. Also check out if you are entitled to Maternity Allowance which is paid by the government based on your earnings within a certain period before due date.

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