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Newjobnewstart Tue 14-Aug-18 14:49:46

I've been offered an interview with the nhs for a fixed term contract 2 years.

I'm currently in a permanent position in the private sector in a job which i hate. Though starting to have second thoughts about fixed term, does anyone have experience of there are they likely to lead to a permanent role or are you out the door once your 2 years are up?


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MaverickSnoopy Wed 15-Aug-18 10:39:04

Not in the NHS but in the public sector. I took a 6 month maternity cover role whilst I was being made redundant from a role in the private sector. Towards the end of the 6 months they offered to extend as the post holder was taking longer off. However at this stage I had already secured a permanent role in another department. I had been told informally when I stated that I had a foot in the door and would be successful in finding something else as I would have experience of the systems (which was very important to them). Obviously this wasn't a sure thing but my chances were increased.

If you hate your job then I say go for it. In this day and age many people move roles after a year or two. A permanent job doesn't offer security and redundancy can easily occur (as it did with me). In your shoes I would go for the job, work my socks off and start job hunting after 18 months. You will then hopefully have an alternative role lined up or they might extend the role.

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