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Margaurette Thu 09-Aug-18 20:37:19

A formal grievance in this scenario does sound a little hasty.

Did you speak to a manager informally first? That might still be the best route: both to getting something changed (simply having a quiet word might get your colleague to leave you alone), and to show that you're not going over the top.

dinosaurkisses Thu 09-Aug-18 13:41:03

What steps did you take to try and resolve things informally?

In my experience (unionised workplaces) a grievance is an absolute last resort after exploring the informal routes, up to and including mediation.

Claiming a grievance is not a straightforward, easy process and can be extremely stressful on both parties.

I’d expect the fact you’ve only been there two months would suggest that these avenues haven’t been explored, and a grievance, unless for very serious allegations, is likely to be premature.

Have you spoken to your manager about the issues you’ve been having with colleague? How have you tried to mend things before the decision was made to start the grievance process?

Fablestails Thu 09-Aug-18 11:01:23

I have started formal grievance proceedings against a colleague who only one band higher than me, expect we do the same job. I have only been at my current job for 2 months. When I work with said person, they just take control and don't let me do much, most of the time Im stood in the room watching, and when they talk to other colleagues (including me) it's very condescending and slightly disrespectful, I pretty much feel like I am at the bottom band. However this doesn't only just happen to me and other colleagues say that's just how she is. Ive got a point where I've had enough of being treated like I don't have the capability.

I have tried to assert myself and take charge to help keep the work flow and help out others when we have spare time. But it was met with multiple confrontations and being told that said person is the only competent person and that every decision has to go through them.

Im just sick of it.

But my dilemma is, when I think about it, I think I can cope with it for the next couple of months (I've already handed in my notice). But when I think about those times I've been shouted at it really bugs me that somebody can get away with treating people like children.

I'm just looking for advice, I don't know if a formal grievance was the right thing. Or was I to hasty?

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