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KaftanQueen Wed 08-Aug-18 09:52:45

Hello. I need help! I'm currently on mat leave and have been offered a new job! I'm desperate to put my notice in my old job but I need to see occupational health according to HR. They won't tell me why and the appt isn't for 3 weeks!
In my job before my current I have been unable to get a reference so had to give their HR details. Would this be a reason?

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KaftanQueen Wed 08-Aug-18 10:05:28


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HoleyCoMoley Wed 08-Aug-18 12:36:02

In health jobs you often need o.h. clearance before you can start, could it be that or because you are on mat leave, look up the a.c.a.s. site about new mums at work. I'm no expert as you can probably tell.smile

KaftanQueen Wed 08-Aug-18 12:56:43

They don't know I'm on mat leave. I couldn't upload my immunisation records so maybe it's That?I've contacted the team lead for advice as they wanted me to put my notice in asap

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HoleyCoMoley Wed 08-Aug-18 13:40:52

Who is asking for you to see o.h. your new employer? Your current employer should have your immunisation records, can you get it from them or your g.p.

KaftanQueen Wed 08-Aug-18 15:26:58

I have had to find my immunisation records. I had to fill in a questionnaire online 're my health and that has triggered an assessment apparently but I ticked no to everything

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HoleyCoMoley Wed 08-Aug-18 15:44:00

Nothing on there about pregnancy, i needed another t.b. test and I think I had a polio vaccination as mine were done yonks ago. Are all your hep b tests up to date. Read the questionnaires or your contract or job spec again, see if there's anything in the small print about job being offered after o.h. clearance.


flowery Wed 08-Aug-18 16:31:35

No one here will be able to tell you what has triggered the referral, but does it actually make any difference?

If your new line manager wants you to start sooner, he/she will have to put pressure on HR/occupational health to bring your appointment forward. There's nothing you can do.

Why are you so desperate to hand in your notice - are you due to return to your current employer or something, and need to notify them you won't be coming back?

KaftanQueen Wed 08-Aug-18 17:48:47

I'm on maternity leave and I'm getting very bored tbhblush

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