Statutory Maternity Pay

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SehriM Wed 01-Aug-18 20:51:35

Hi everyone,

I have never looked into what maternity pay is, I've only known that it exists. So today, I did a calculation on the site and was shocked at how little SMP I would be paid if I fell pregnant. I showed my husband and he said "That's on top of your right salary... right?!" And until he asked that question is always thought that the only income you have whilst on maternity leave is the SMP. I'm on £30,000 and the calculator said I'd receive a total of around £7,000 for the 39 weeks. So... I'm asking a very silly perhaps common sense question:

Is Statutory Maternity Pay in addition to your regular wages or is it the only pay you receive?

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flowery Wed 01-Aug-18 21:10:44

He thought you'd continue to get paid your normal salary by your employer whilst on maternity leave and get additional money on top in the form of SMP funded by the tax payer? Why?!

No, you don't get paid salary while you're on maternity leave. You get SMP if you are entitled to it, and many employers offer additional enhanced maternity pay as well.

flowery Wed 01-Aug-18 21:11:36

Apologies if I sound a tad brusque. I'm just genuinely astonished that there is anyone out there who thinks maternity leave should not only be fully funded at normal salary but actually incur additional payments as well.

Lazypuppy Wed 01-Aug-18 22:32:42

You only get SMP unless your employer offers employer offers 26 weeks (6 months) full pay, then SMP for the remaining 13 weeks (3 months).

SMP is shit, only way i'm affording the 3 months on it is because i saved when on full pay so i can use the money now

Lazypuppy Wed 01-Aug-18 22:33:54

Also, don't forget you have to still pay tax and ni from SMP earnings!!

Hisashiburi Thu 02-Aug-18 16:35:57

Hiya. SMP is your only form of income unless you have an enhanced package through work. will tell you the full calculation.
It can be a bit of shock but people usually prepare and save for maternity leave.

BoxsetsAndPopcorn Thu 02-Aug-18 22:23:22

So many do seem to expect maternity pay to be very close to their actual salary, sheer madness. We are very lucky to get nine months at SMP as it's a very generous provision. It's not down to others to fund what is a lifestyle choice.


SassitudeandSparkle Thu 02-Aug-18 22:25:37

You'd need to check your company's policy on maternity leave to see if it offers any enhanced pay.

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