Can my PT contract be changed to FT?

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Fizzforfun Tue 31-Jul-18 22:22:57

I am currently employed in NHS as an administrator on a part time 30 hour contract, have been in post for 3 months. Office with 1 x manager, 2 x colleagues (FT) & me (PT).

At my interview they explained that the office was previously manned by 1 x manager and 3 x FT staff but they had reduced funding therefore the role advertised and offered was to be part time. They explained that they were intending to apply for more funding for a full time role and if they were successful would I be happy to work full time, as we were in an interview I said “yes, that should be OK”.

When I was offered the role I asked about working the 30 hours over 4 days and was declined. The manager said that they needed staff in every day (Mon – Fri) & they were still hoping to get funding for the FT position.

So today the Manager phoned me (I was at work) whilst he is out of the office on sick leave to ask if I had heard about changing to FT, I haven’t, not sure who was supposed to tell me as he isn’t in the office and has been away for 4 weeks on sick leave.

Presuming that the funding has been agreed do I have to accept this contract change? If not how do I challenge it?

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flowery Wed 01-Aug-18 00:50:10

Well assuming nothing was written into your contract you could technically refuse it yes. However as you’ve been there such a short time they could easily force it through by giving you notice to terminate your current contract and then offering you a new full time one starting immediately afterwards.

What’s changed in 3 months that you now can’t work part time?

daisychain01 Wed 01-Aug-18 04:56:00

They've been pretty transparent and reasonable with you throughout, regarding the funding and the potential PT to FT change.

It isn't like they hid the fact from you and then sprung it on you out of the blue. They'd argue that you're being unreasonable by stating yes at interview and no now. They've got funding and ready to move you to FT which was always their plan.

That said if it's a show stopper to you and if they really like your work, there's no harm in entering a negotiation if your circumstances have changed to see if they can either gradually increase your hours over time, or delay the transition for a few months to enable you to reconfigure whatever you need to, so you can go FT.

Imchlibob Wed 01-Aug-18 05:43:07

Contracts can be changed like this yes. They need to consult you first and give you enough advanced warning that you could choose to resign rather than accept the new terms but ultimately if they want a FT staff member they can. If you don't want a FT job obviously it doesn't have to be you but they have no obligation to keep the role PT for you.

feathermucker Wed 01-Aug-18 06:01:29

But you said yes and were aware this was on the cards?

Fizzforfun Wed 01-Aug-18 06:55:40

Thanks for all your comments ☺

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