Boring job with good wage and hours...

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Rebecca36 Tue 31-Jul-18 21:56:16

Look around for another job which you feel will stretch you as well as being decently paid. As you are employed, you can afford to take your time. Good luck.

DaniCam89 Tue 31-Jul-18 21:37:21

*exciting. Sorry didn't proof read lol

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DaniCam89 Tue 31-Jul-18 21:35:39

So I have worked in education for 10 years and been apart of several exiting projects with very vulnerable, challenging young people.
However, my service was disbanded so I've had to jump ship to a youth employability post which is decent money and easy 9- 5pm hours. However, the work is boring. I spend a lot of time hanging around killing time and it's making me feel like there's no point even going so I'm skiving at every opportunity now. It's very unlike me as I live being busy and feeling needed. Im also doing a degree in my free time and volunteering but my job is really leaving me feeling unfulfilled. Should I leave? Would that be silly as it's an easy job with lots of perks?

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