How to prepare for an interview with panel members I have worked for

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mammasmadhouse Sat 28-Jul-18 14:44:58

I have an interview coming up for a role that would be a promotion. The panel members are people I know and have worked for in the past, which makes me incredibly nervous. I know I can do the job but how can I curb my nerves..?

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SergeantCuff Sat 28-Jul-18 19:12:41

Treat it as you would an external interview. Do your prep, work out what sort of questions they'll ask and what you should say. I've done lots of interviews with people I know, both as a panel member and a candidate and while it's weird it can be an advantage. I always tell internal candidates to not assume I know what they are talking about - explain as if I don't know them. And think about what you know that will be an advantage. Bet there's things that will help you.

Only thing to be careful of is don't stretch the truth. I've been on a panel where someone flat out lied about what they had done on a job I managed. They didn't get the promotion grin

Good luck - think positive. Tell us when you get the job !

Hecksonaplane Sat 28-Jul-18 21:10:39

I had this last week, same situation exactly.
Don't do what i did! Normally I quite like internal interviews it's a chance to show what you do and put yourself on their radar. Unfortunately I think I just had so much I wanted to say it was like a brain dump!
My prev internal interview was much better, write as many questions as you can that they may ask. Then have a number of examples re add y and fit them to each category of question ( like problem solving, resistance to change) and keep it structured and to the point.
They also said pretend I don't know them, assume they know nothing and tell them everything.
Good luck.

Chottie Mon 30-Jul-18 21:09:43

Where I work, at interviews we can only base our decisions on what is in the application form, what is said at the interview and the outcome of any task or presentation. We cannot include anything we 'know' about the person if it is not stated in the interview or application. I agree with the PP advice about assuming the interviewers know nothing.

mammasmadhouse Thu 02-Aug-18 18:58:36

Many thanks for your advice, I have been offered the job!!

I was really nervous and felt that I had cocked it up but apparently I interviewed really well. Just waiting on HR to confirm the details.

Have asked about the salary scale as I am hoping that they will be able to take into account my experience in a comparable role and not just appoint to the first salary point. Never ever tried to negotiate on salary so will see how this goes.

Thanks again for your advice.

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Hecksonaplane Thu 02-Aug-18 22:01:29

Great news, congratulations

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