Handed in 2 week notice

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Mum2threejs Mon 23-Jul-18 23:48:06

Hi, I’ve read similar posts but I’m not to clear on this. I’ve handed in my notice to the company I currently work for having lined up a new job. I decided to leave my current job as I am unhappy with what’s considered ( by them) to be normal when working for a small family ran company. Anyway I accepted the new job with a start date of the 1st of August but my current employer now wants me to work until the 4th. If I just leave would / could they sue me??? I met my replacement already so it isn’t like there struggling to replace me. It was suggested by a work colleague to just work TIL Friday when I get paid and then go off sick or just not turn in. For the matter of 3 days it all seems quite extreme

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BakedBeans47 Mon 23-Jul-18 23:49:44

It’s massively unlikely they’ll sue you for the sake of 3 days

sadandtired1 Mon 23-Jul-18 23:52:49

Why did you accept a start date you couldn't commit to. Tell the new employer you've handed in your notice and will be available on x date. You'd expect your employer to honour your notice period - it works both ways

Mum2threejs Tue 24-Jul-18 00:00:08

I did hand it in two weeks should have been the 31st. But apparently they didn’t accept it until 3 days after though I didn’t know this at the time it was only when the rota was posted they told me that I would have to work TIL the 4 which is what they now see as my end of two weeks.

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Fuzzywig Tue 24-Jul-18 00:03:20

Can you take 3 days holiday instead of being paid in lieu?

Are you weekly or monthly paid?

I can’t see them creating a fuss but get a written reference first and do what is right for you and your conscience.

PandaPieForTea Tue 24-Jul-18 00:06:08

They don’t get to decide when to accept your notice. Giving your notice starts your notice period. You therefore have no obligation to stay to 4th.

Mum2threejs Tue 24-Jul-18 00:09:51

I do get paid weekly and have more than enough holiday saved. I will have to ask them and hope they agree :-s honestly I’m at the point of just wanting out. They can be reasonable at times but not always

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sadandtired1 Tue 24-Jul-18 00:17:55

What Panda said

flowery Tue 24-Jul-18 05:15:09

”I did hand it in two weeks should have been the 31st. But apparently they didn’t accept it until 3 days after”

They don’t get to choose when to accept it. If you’ve given notice and they’ve definitely received it, it starts immediately.

sagasleathertrousers Tue 24-Jul-18 06:09:26

Yes your notice starts from the day you handed it in. They can't keep you there til the 4th.

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