Employment issues on maternity leave

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Samcj02 Mon 23-Jul-18 11:51:40

Hi I’ve posted on here previously about how i think I could be discriminated against at work, I’ve had a meeting with my employer regarding hours etc. I’m on maternity leave and due back in September/October (I’m waiting for my return date hmm) so I’ve just received my letter from them as I’ve stated we have no contract etc.. thought this would help my case! I’m the only one with my hours up on the air I left doing 3 full days (21 hours) they’re now offering me 5x3 hour mornings which I’ve explained I cannot really do because the childcare costs will be higher than my earnings! They quoted in my letter “we discussed the terms of your employment as confirmed with a Acas we do not provide specific hours of work due to working 38 weeks a year and it’s dependent on the number of children attending each year..! (I work in childcare) fine but it’s only my hours that are all up
In the air everyone else has their hours set and they’re the same last year! I’m at a loss of what to do they’ve asked me not to call Acas without speaking to them first.. ive been in tears as this month the start of the summer holidays they’ve not paid my maternity pay this month in full I’ve had three weeks. Which has left me short during summer hols sorry for the long post I’ve been in tears over this and it’s ruining the last bit of my maternity leave sad x

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flowery Mon 23-Jul-18 15:08:22

You have posted multiple threads haven’t you.

Have you had your grievance hearing yet regarding discrimination as they are treating you less favourably than your colleagues and not protecting your pre-maternity leave terms and conditions?

Samcj02 Mon 23-Jul-18 16:55:03

Nope just a meeting x

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flowery Mon 23-Jul-18 17:07:26

When is your hearing? Have you added their failure to pay you SMP to your formal grievance?

Also, what do you mean you are “waiting for your return date”? As long as you give sufficient notice, and it’s not longer than 52 weeks after you started maternity leave, you get to choose to return on whatever date you like, it’s not up to your employer.

Samcj02 Mon 23-Jul-18 17:58:04

They’re adding my holiday on to to the end so not sure when I return? They’ve just sorted my SMP out thank goodness I think thats was an honest mistake x

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flowery Mon 23-Jul-18 18:13:53

When’s your hearing?

Samcj02 Mon 23-Jul-18 18:58:11

I don’t Know they just held a meeting and replied in writing, they don’t have a greivance procedure?

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flowery Mon 23-Jul-18 19:24:49

They are required to have a written grievance procedure or at the very least to have in writing details of how you can raise a formal grievance.

Even if they haven’t got a procedure they are still required to follow a fair procedure, which means a hearing at which you are entitled to be accompanied by a colleague or trade union rep, and the right to appeal the decision. See here

I would suggest writing back saying you raised a formal grievance on [date] about discrimination and attempted unilateral variation of your contractual terms, and could they please confirm when the grievance hearing will be held. I would include the link I’ve posted as they seem to be a bit clueless.

Samcj02 Mon 23-Jul-18 19:32:21

They really are clueless that’s why I have no idea what to do? Thank you for the advice, I’ll follow it x

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