Ill Health Retirement issues

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Elaine595 Thu 19-Jul-18 09:15:09

Many thanks EmpressJewel

Your advice has been very helpful I am seeing my GP tomorrow I will discuss everything with him an hopefully he will put my mine at easy
once again many thanks

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EmpressJewel Wed 18-Jul-18 20:31:30

Medical retirements normally decided by Drs and they will need access to your records to decide whether you meet the criteria.

When I worked in the Civil Service, our process was to ask OH whether medical retirement was an option. If yes, they would prepare all of the medical file and send it to HR in a sealed envelope marked strictly for the attention of the Scheme Administrator (who was the Dr). This would be sent with the medical retirement application. Obviously, the employee would need to consent to this.

The medical retirement application would also ask the employee to consent in case the Scheme Administrator needed further info.

Getting the consent at application stage does speed up the process as it can take ages and if the employee wants sight of the documents, this takes time.

What you could do is discuss with your GP what information they will provide. Your GP can advise whether your childhood health is relevant to your application for medical retirement. If it's not relevant, they probably wouldn't include it anyway. I doubt the Scheme Administrator would want to travel through lots of irrelevant information.

One employee whose case i oversaw (from a HR perspective) sent me all of their consultant reports and I sent this to the Scheme Administrator and the application was approved really quickly. All of the documents were about current, relevant health matters and I didn't see anything related to childhood.

There is lots of legislation around medical records and it's all very strict and hospitals/gP know what to do with regards to releasing info.

Elaine595 Wed 18-Jul-18 18:02:53

Thanks you for your quick response I have been asked to sign a form that releases my medical records to them, was you ever asked to do this or is this a little strange
many thanks

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Nat6999 Wed 18-Jul-18 17:42:57

When I got ill health retirement, they never asked to see my medical records, my GP just had to complete a report on my current health, my consultant completed a report & I had to have an appeal panel, this was done over the phone as I was too ill to travel to where the panel was held. I found out about two weeks later I had got my ill health retirement & got my pension.

Elaine595 Wed 18-Jul-18 17:34:03

Hi There
I am looking for some advice I was diagnosed with having Addison;s disease in 2014. I have been on medication for this since 2014 and as long as I look after myself I've been okay, but due to a very lot of extra stress at work I have become quite ill I am off sick at the moment and have seen Occupational health we have gone over a few things and they agree that I will not be able to return to work for quite a while or may be not at all. My work have offered to try and help by putting measures into place to help relieve the stress (this will never happen as I am having conflict with higher management and they will back them over me) so I am unsure if I have to wait for O.H. to sort this out if I have the right to hand my 3 months notice in and ask the doctor to keep me on the sick until the last day of my notice. The main reason Im asking this is if I go for ill health retirement the O.H. and the pension board will have full access to my medical records and I really don't want that to happen as I have things on there from my childhood that I don't want known.
Can anyone please advise me on how to more forward with this.
many thanks

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