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rockstarchick Mon 16-Jul-18 21:34:18

So I started a job a year ago
A boy who does the same job as me left to go on sick leave shortly after I started
He's due to come back next month
In that time we worked together we became friends and have done since and message each other
Hes nice but let's say we are very different
Hes 20, I'm 32 and have obviously much more experience than him but only coz I'm older etc
It's just above min wage and an office job.
We've spoken today and he has basically said he isn't happy coming back on the same money as me?! Wtf
My boss told me he asked her what his money was going to be as since April the minimum wage has gone up my boss also put our money up which was nice of her I think
Anyway I'm annoyed that he thinks he should be on more than me?!
We do the same job and just because he's been there 3 years doesn't mean he should now be on more money
Shall I mention it to my boss because I'm not happy about him coming back on more money
Or shall I just leave it ? X

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EBearhug Fri 20-Jul-18 00:38:53

You can speak to your boss to try and negotiate a pay rise, if you can justify the business case and how you're an asset to the business (experience and so on.) Do not try to negotiate on the grounds that he is coming back on more, because it''s not relevant. There are lots of articles online about ways you can negotiate payrises.

You cannot speak to her about being unhappy about him coming back on more money. I can't see a problem with him coming back on more (though obviously I don't know the exact figures,) if he's successfully negotiated that, unless there is a clearly discriminatory reason around protected characteristics.

(Yes, I know there's a whole load of research on differing outcomes between men and women when they do negotiate pay.)

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