Should I get feedback?

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Redcliff Mon 09-Jul-18 19:54:50

I work in a medium sized workplace and am on a fixed term contract which has been extended twice (it's a new role to the organisation so it was a way of testing it out). Although I'm employed by one department I'm allocated 100% to another department.

I felt I was doing ok and in my appraisal everything from my boss, his boss and the business was positive with a couple of areas of development from one stakeholder which I've taken one board. Now I've found out that one of the managers (who had giving me positive feedback in my appraisal) has complained about my fixed term contract being extended - I saw her briefly and although part of it was around her not being consulted she also said it was performance related as well. I'm really surprised so booked in a call with her to get some feedback which she missed. She e-mailed me to apologise so I said I would set something else up but my HR colluage was horrified and said to avoid it and that if someone has an issue with me they should talk to my boss. What would you do - set something else up or let it drop?

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