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gordan Mon 09-Jul-18 11:40:04

So I work the in-house nhs temping agency. Basically we get no holiday or sick pay and only get the hours we are paid for. Anyway I’ve been phoning all week Abd the agency lady says she would call me back and she never did. She did this twice and when I last rang her she says there was work but she didn’t have time to look. I feel very pissed off. I know it’s not like a recruitment agency but ffs she can’t taje two minutes to look fir a job Abd book me in especially when there is work available. Last time she forgot to mention that the place no longer required my services fir my last temp assignment. Abd the other time she forgot to mention that I had to start on another day after I woke up early pays for my travel tickets. I don’t want t complain as I’m afraid she’ll find out it’s me and dig her heels to not find me work .

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