Sick note/notice/resignation question

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between4and7 Tue 03-Jul-18 22:44:25

I have been at a job 4 months it's making me ill it's too physical with my health issues.

I have no contact but know I must give 1 week notice.

Can I call in sick each day of the notice or can I get a sick note from the GP ? We don't get paid sick I know that I just don't know how much more by body can take.

Thank you

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daisychain01 Thu 05-Jul-18 05:10:29

If you can't work due to health reasons and you only need to give 1 week's notice contractually, you can self certify as it's only 5 working days. You would need to clarify it with your employer and see if they need you to do any paperwork. You wouldn't need a Fit note in fact your GP may charge you £10 if you did that - that's why Self cert was invented to take the burden off GPs having to prepare sick notes for brief periods of sickness.

between4and7 Thu 05-Jul-18 07:52:57

Thank you. I have no contract so I am confident it's only 1 week. They wanted to admit me to hospital last night as my bloods aren't good (diabetic) but I refused as I need to finish this week. They want to rehydrate me etc I can do that at home. It's only if I'm in DKA I'd have to have stayed. My diabetes team have advised me I need something less physical as I have other issues too.

Hopefully self certing will work out. Thanks again

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