No one want a pregnant employee

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youngmamma Thu 28-Jun-18 22:06:55

I have been trying to apply for work for 2 months now. I am 17 years old and due in October I need money so bad for basic child needs my need and to pay insurance and yet every time I get an interview they won't have me.
It's so frustrating I can't even hide the fact I'm pregnant and I know they can't discriminate but unless you can prove that's why they didn't give you the job you can't do anything.

I'm currently struggling with the fact that I can't even afford maternity clothes and in this weather it's disastrous.

Anyone have any jobs,advice,or know why they aren't taking me.

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AppleKatie Thu 28-Jun-18 22:10:07

The jobs market is very tough for anyone without many qualifications/experience and being pregnant won’t be helping either.

Have you got good support? Who are you living with? Have you had advice on what you might be entitled too? Where’s the baby’s dad in all of this?

If I’m honest I think you have enough going on without getting a job right now (but others will disagree).

NT53NJT Thu 28-Jun-18 22:13:54

I'm not surprised you're struggling to get a job. An employer is not going to employ someone now, train them up (regardless of occupation there is training involved) only for them to leave 3 months later meaning they have to spend more money advertising and training another person

falang Thu 28-Jun-18 22:20:19

They're not taking you because you're pregnant and you're going to have a chunk of time off very soon. Can you apply to a temp agency for a few months work in an office?

AllMimsey Thu 28-Jun-18 22:29:23

I echo the others. You're going to find it very difficult or impossible to get a permanent job. Every employer knows that pregnancy is a nightmare - time off for appointments, signed off sick should any pregnancy related condition come up, maternity leave. Do you have any qualifications at all that could get your foot in the door somewhere??

youngmamma Thu 28-Jun-18 22:30:01

I diddnt think of a temping agency and the father is still with me which I'm grateful for and sadly as I'm nearly 18 my entitlement are just as good as those of someone who is 25 just slightly less

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mummastripes Thu 28-Jun-18 22:31:37

I am so sorry that you are struggling. It just be so difficult in a difficult situation to be rejected for a reason that is very unjust. What support do you have?

youngmamma Thu 28-Jun-18 22:32:12

And sadly my qualifications are good just no good for being pregnant I have a full level one level 2 and experience as a mechanic but I don't really want to peruse this career anymore as it just doesn't pay enough

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youngmamma Thu 28-Jun-18 22:33:40

Luckily I do have my parents support but that only can go so far for them as like Amy life situation bills get paid and then you just paid allong

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Singlenotsingle Thu 28-Jun-18 22:46:39

What about your parents? Aren't they helping?

Singlenotsingle Thu 28-Jun-18 22:47:37

Sorry, just seen your comment about parents

stoneagemum Thu 28-Jun-18 22:50:26

I echo try temping, I managed with temp jobs in a similar situation many moons ago

bunnyrabbit93 Thu 28-Jun-18 22:51:03

It is so hard I was pregnant and looking for a job. As people said see for agency / temp work. I got a job with a 2 month probation and of course they said my hours aren't needed any more 🙄. It's good you have support though

sirmione16 Thu 28-Jun-18 23:13:41

Try hospitality temp work, they're always looking for people to work especially summer events right now. It goes by event rather than time so if you're inside and not on a long shift, and happy and willing you'll be suitable no problem

WHAT91 Thu 28-Jun-18 23:15:53

Where do you live? I have some maternity clothes in need of a good home. X

NT53NJT Thu 28-Jun-18 23:19:49

Wow you're a level 2 trained mechanic at 17? That's awesome.

Do some cash jobs that pose no risk to baby?

POPholditdown Thu 28-Jun-18 23:19:57

The council here takes temp customer service on over the summer every year, for events, leisure centres etc that will get busy during school holidays. You could try your council’s site for something similar?

TheMotherofBears Thu 28-Jun-18 23:25:05

It's no fun, but if you've got a good phone voice maybe look for call centre jobs. Where I've worked before they're used to a high turnover of employees and may be fine with a three month commitment.

flopsyandjim Fri 29-Jun-18 10:28:32

You shouldn't be considering mechanical work when pregnant, so maybe that's the issue?

Go to your local job centre and sign on, they do crisis loans etc too. Do you have your own place? Speak to housing and even social services, they can get support in place for you. I think you need to concentrate on your baby first, then you can look to getting a job.

Why not consider college? you will get a bursary, childcare loan, maybe a college nursery place, and additional skills and experience.

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