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Been given a small promotion at work but

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Namechangedjustincase56 Wed 20-Jun-18 07:07:44

Didn’t ask for it and haven’t signed anything. A couple of months on, have realised it really isn’t worth the additional stress, much of which is caused by the fact I have 3 line managers who hate each other and try to obstruct each other when they can.

Am I within my rights to ask to revert to my “old” role? I haven’t been replaced yet.

Any advice would be much appreciated- thanks in advance

Sparklyshoes16 Wed 20-Jun-18 07:35:43

If you enjoyed your previous role better then why not?

I would state the reasons as to why in writing i.e. what's affecting you doing the role and why it's stopped you doing the job you were promoted to do with specific examples.

E.g. Carol refused to hand the blueprints over to Mike which made the final draw up late by two days, therefore I could not get this to the planners on time which has resulted in a fine from planning costing x amount.

Mike refused to attend a meeting with Carol and a new client so the client could not get his input which has delayed the new client in signing the contract which I needed for this Fri.

Janice has swopped all of her days off to ones where Carol and Mike are in the same meeting, there is now a 4 week delay on shipping due to Janice not being able to be in the meetings, which again means I cannot get products signed off by clients etc

Your company won't be happy when they see things are not getting done because of petty unprofessionalism. Good luck

Namechangedjustincase56 Wed 20-Jun-18 17:30:14

Thank you, great advice. I’m going to go for it 😀

Sparklyshoes16 Wed 20-Jun-18 19:37:53

No worries smile

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