To mention or not to mention?

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myohmywhatawonderfulday Thu 14-Jun-18 21:01:07

I lead my team at work.
A job has come up in another department which would be a promotion/more money/step up for members of my team.

One went for it which was obvious because she has been doing the job on a temporary basis. One went for it and told me.

Another has gone for it and not told me.

Why that is strange is because she is the one I work most closely with.
I would be happy for her, I want her to be happy.

Do I mention it to her that I know. Or do I leave it because she hasn’t approached me?

Gut is saying leave it..but I would appreciate POV.

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EBearhug Fri 15-Jun-18 07:58:11

If it was with us, you would automatically be notified if anyone who reports to you applies for an internal job.

Obviously that doesn't happen with you. I think in this case, I would leave it until they brought it up.

myohmywhatawonderfulday Fri 15-Jun-18 08:14:42

That is what I think. There must be a reason she doesn’t want me to know.
It just feels a bit odd.
Part of being a leader I guess. You don’t always say everything you know!

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NT53NJT Fri 15-Jun-18 23:53:31

They might feel embarrassed or scared of what you will say. They might not want to rock the boat so to speak. As a team leader myself I'd just leave it as there would be no benefit/gain in telling them you know.

Ariela Sat 16-Jun-18 00:09:33

You could encourage her to apply, meaning you thing she's good at her job and capable of doing the new post., this would allow her to say actually I already applied.

Weezol Sat 16-Jun-18 00:12:25

There is no obligation for her to tell you. She probably doesn't want to say anything to you or other colleagues in the team in case she doesn't get it.
Your gut is right - don't say a word.

NC4Now Sat 16-Jun-18 00:14:34

I’d leave it. My guess is she’s worried it will be awkward if she doesn’t get it.
If she does, congratulate her. If she doesn’t, I wouldn’t say anything.

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