Work & pregnancy - bit worried

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Marthamoo1 Fri 08-Jun-18 14:10:36

So in short, In February I was put at risk of redundancy and had to apply to another job within the company which I was successful in getting. The person I'm replacing has been accepted for voluntary redundancy and leaves end of July.

I've literally only just started (this week) training for the new job now but found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant confirmed with a heartbeat scan.

I don't want to announce the pregnancy until at least 12 weeks due to many many years of unsuccessful TTC and no one knows we've been TTC (many ivf cycles too)

It will make things awkward at work as I'll be announcing it when the previous worker leaves. I know my manager won't be happy as it will involve her recruiting again so soon even though I intend to come back after a years maternity leave all being well.

What are my rights? Am I right to feel awkward?

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