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Catcando Sun 03-Jun-18 22:13:02

Hi All, I'm new to mumsnet.I have been temping for about 6 weeks in a great firm, close to home with nice people. I was brought in to do reception and a bit of admin. My background is A finance secretary. Last week the main guy asked me if I would be interested in a PA role With a salary 9k more than my previous job. He asked me to think about it and will speak with me this week. My problem..the current PA has been so lovely and welcoming to me, we hit it off immediately and I know she has been singing my praises to the management team. She has only been there 4 months and he told me they don't think she is a good fit . I feel it is too good an opportunity to pass up but have been worrying all weekend about her losing her job. Also is it a flaky organisation that would do this to an employee, what if they found I wasn't a good fit further down the line? Are there any questions I should be asking him this week? Thanks for any input.

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daisychain01 Mon 04-Jun-18 05:20:44

Are you certain they plan to part company with the PA? It might be best to wait and get the full story, don't jump the gun and come to a false conclusion as it might not do you any favours.

They might be planning to move her sideways (and she may be fine with that), although best not discuss it with her at this stage.

See what they say this week and take it one step at a time.

BalloonFlowers Mon 04-Jun-18 05:33:31

You don't know what plans they have for the current PA.
And if it is that they are thinking if letting her go, you taking or not the job isn't going to affect that - if they want rid they will get rid. The only different outcome is if you get the 9k pay rise, or they find someone else to do the job.

FindoGask Tue 05-Jun-18 12:59:44

I wouldn't want to work for employers that would discuss one staff member's performance with another. I think that's really crappy unethical behaviour and it would make me not trust them.

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