Any recent experience of temping in London?

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silverpenguin Wed 16-May-18 08:14:41

I've worked for my organisation (large, public sector) since graduating and am really tired of it. I feel like I need a change but not quite sure what I want so am considered handing in my notice with the intention of temping for a bit.

Last time I was a temp was over a decade ago so I think my knowledge is a bit out of date. How easy is it to get roles (I have lots of general PA/operations manager experience)? Are there part time contracts (3/4 days) or are they all full time? Do temp to perm opportunities still exist? What's the best way to get a foot in the door, should I just visit all the agencies in the city with my CV?

If anyone has recent experience to share I'd be really interested.

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JMD7 Mon 04-Jun-18 11:22:22

Hi silver penguin.
I've been short term temping for the last 18 months in Victoria/West End doing admin and reception.
I found it hard at first to get into (took a couple of months to get first role) then I got a couple of jobs that lasted 4/5 months each.
My main reason for temping is that I needed time off for my holidays and wedding and various other things.
The start of this year has been quite slow though to be honest, perhaps it's just the agencies I am with. I am signed up with 3 but mainly rely on one just to save having so much contact with too many different people.
A lot of the roles I was seeing seemed to be temporary to possibly go permanent, which didn't suit me.
I have tried to get part-time roles, but they do seem to be rare.
I would make appointments with maybe 3 - 4 agencies in the city and decide on which you would like to work with. Otherwise if you take on too many, you will just be bombarded with phone calls all the time.
Hope that helps!

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