Suspension from work

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Lisaw1256 Mon 14-May-18 01:21:36

Hi all need some advice. I have been suspended from work on the 8th of may. I told my manager on the 24/04/2018 that I had a job rate two. It took them till the 8th to suspend me. This manager said unauthorised overtime payments and failure to follow direct instruction around authorisation. There has been no instruction. This manager actually signed off my job rate two along with the finance manager. My deputy and other managers have a job rate two and only I have been suspended. I have all the evidence it was approved I have had no supervision for 15 months. And never had and conduct issues in 5 years. My finance budgets and care hours have never been questioned. I’m scared as I have worked so hard

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Wifeincognito Mon 14-May-18 01:24:18

Contact acas they are best at advising

Aw12345 Fri 18-May-18 22:07:45

So sorry to hear this :-( ACAS sounds like a good place to start :-) hope it all gets sorted.

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