Returning from maternity leave-Asking for a pay rise

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MadHouseUpNorth Sun 29-Apr-18 14:50:14

Any one with experience in asking for a pay rise upon a return from maternity leave? Our company reviewed salaries last December at the same time as yearly appraisals. Everyone but me got one. I only know this because one of my colleagues slipped...How do I approach this? Do I just ask for a pay rise now when I'm back?

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flowery Sun 29-Apr-18 16:41:21

You say to your manager that you understand salary reviews were conducted in December and you haven’t yet received your letter, can he/she confirm when you are likely to receive it.

Then once your new salary has been confirmed you ask for your maternity pay to be recalculated. Pay rises during your maternity pay period must be taken into account and your SMP recalculated on the basis of the new salary. Alabaster Ruling

So make sure your new salary dates from December like everyone else’s.

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