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drinkswineoutofamug Wed 25-Apr-18 08:33:34

So yesterday had my final interview and I didn't get my job. I've worked in icu for 5 years , acute nursing for 13. Came down to points again. Gutted isn't the word. They have offered 2 positions both within our band (3). I've read the job descriptions. One of the jobs I have no interest in whatsoever. The other reads as a glorified porters job occasionally cannulating patients. I am meant to start Monday.
Can I be forced to work this other job? My other plan was to leave on my terms with a resignation of immediate effect. I'm still under icu for 4 more weeks , working my notice in the other department. I have a job on the nurse bank so can do that, or decline the job offers and be asked to be moved onto a ward back to a band 2 but with 3 months protected pay. I'm gutted. I loved my job. It's knocked my self esteem and I can't stop crying. I don't want to make a rash decision. Was told to see this as a positive. How is being forced out of your job a positive? I also need removing from esr (online rota system) so I can book bank shifts , I've got bills to pay.

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