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Verylongweek Tue 17-Apr-18 21:52:23

Have name changed and will keep details a little vague as don’t want this outing on a public form but my HR are being useless and im looking for advice and mumsnetters have never let me down before.

An employee feels I have wronged them. This is unfair and untrue but they refuse to engage to allow me to explain. In the end it escalated to my manager who is satisfied I have done everything I could have and they have spoken to the employee to explain that and the employee made all the right noises about being satisfied and agreeing it was done and dusted.

Since this has happened I am getting repeated contact from their partner. Started as sarky emails which I did not respond to and blocked the email. It has then moved to texts WhatsApp’s and other media. I have not engaged and continued to block on each channel. They are now using other people to contact me and the messages are getting progressively more personal and insulting.

If it was an employee I could go down the disaplinary route but technically this person is not employed by me. I’m reluctant to waste police time with this is it is not threatening just bloody rude and constant.

Any advise would be great fully received.

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wormery Wed 18-Apr-18 17:48:32

How horrible. I would speak to hr and your manager to let them know then lodge it with the police, this is online abuse and harassment. Keep copies of all the texts, emails and contact the social media sites to report abuse. flowers

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