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cagm123 Thu 12-Apr-18 21:46:26

been selected for an interview band 6
question is how would you effectively ensure staff supervision is embedded on the ward ?
it is a 10 min presentation please help !!

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wormery Thu 12-Apr-18 23:02:01

Look at number of staff at different grades, who supervises who. Can b5 supervise h.c.a. b6 does b5, b7 does b6, who supervises b7.
How many staff can carry out supervision, what grades can they supervise
How many staff have supervision training, 998 or mentor course and are they up to date
How often is supervision given and how long does it take
Determine if it's within working hours or do supervisors and staff get paid to come in, is it protected time
Allocate staff fairly to each supervisor
Meet staff to tell them when supervision is, give them paperwork to fill out, outlining their training needs,
Give staff choice to change supervisor if they are uncomfortable
Keep a diary specific to supervision and keep a copy in their file, make sure it's confidential
You could suggest supervision is discussed at ward meeting so everyone knows what it is
Print out any info, training material and put up a display on the ward

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