Promotion of staff member then client company lains

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Lushmetender Wed 04-Apr-18 12:43:28

I have just promoted a staff member. A client has now complained about him and wants them off their project. While I understand kind of where they are coming from but equally I don’t think the client realises how much hes baled them out, part of the issue is internal ie our company didn’t have the resources so delays happened. They issues were escalated but nothing done about it. The client has given a 3 month window for this person to improve. Any other similar experience or suggestions here? This is his only project.

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flowery Wed 04-Apr-18 13:09:32

Sounds like the client is now being more reasonable if they are now giving a 3 month window to improve rather than demanding this person is removed immediately. Are the issues they are concerned about resolvable within that window?

Lushmetender Sun 15-Apr-18 12:05:53

I hope so but there are personality clashes between him and a couple of the people - one who for example complained a report was sent for review on the day it was due to be sent to a governing body. The client complains saying they don’t want to receive it the day it’s due but the governing body gives 1 day notice for the request so my staff member has no choice. The noise around the complaint however is there on top of all else when my staff member has technically done nothing wrong. It’s an uphill battle with attitudes that have already been made!

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Chanelprincess Sun 15-Apr-18 12:11:42

our company didn’t have the resources so delays happened

Why should employees be made scapegoats for poor company operations and resourcing issues? Surely a schedule is put in place at the start of every project that the client agrees to and every milestone should then be met or an acceptable explanation provided. I would speak with the client and explain the issues relating to the company - they can then decide if they wish to take their business elsewhere. I certainly would.

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