Getting a new job during pregnancy - I need your positive stories!

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wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 19:47:06

I'm a high street solicitor, I work 28 hours over 3 days. I mostly enjoy my job and the hours are just right for me and my family.

I've just found out that due to a big fall out in the partnership and some bad mismanagement, the company is very likely to be closing soon and we will all be made redundant. My redundancy package will be tiny (about £600 I think).

I am also 8 weeks pregnant. I have told one colleague but not my boss.

I am really anxious that I'm going to struggle to find another role. My field is very small and quite cliquey in my city. Hiding the pregnancy would give me an awful reputation so I can't not disclose at interview, but will anyone really take on a pregnant woman in part time hours?

Any one managed it with a happy ending? I need some positivity as I feel so down.

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wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 20:59:32

Little bump - anyone?....

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ListeningtoBowie Thu 22-Mar-18 21:02:06

Could you afford to take some time out of work?

MushroomMushroom Thu 22-Mar-18 21:09:28

Maybe you could consider locum work during your pregnancy? More money in such roles so you could save while pregnant.

Zebrasinpyjamas Thu 22-Mar-18 21:16:37

I had a similar experience and don't have any positive stories to tell (so sorry to say that). I agree with pp can you do a temporary contract? You may be eligible for maternity allowances which would cover some of the loss of maternity pay.

wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 21:46:15

I'm currently saving as much as I can , I have 2 months' salary in savings, and thankfully DH's salary will cover the mortgage and bills so I could afford time off but we were saving to move to a bigger place in the next 5 years.

If it comes to it I could maybe try office agency work (admin etc) to tide me over, has anyone tried that before maternity leave?

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wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 21:47:23

I've had a look at locum posts locally, nothing at the moment but I will keep looking. Often they are in Local Authority posts in my field which I don't have any experience of and they're snapped up, but I will try.

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wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 21:48:04

@Zebrasinpyjamas thanks for sharing your experience. Did it work out OK in the end though?

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Jotribiani Thu 22-Mar-18 21:55:37

Just get an admin role to see you through. One of my friends started a new role 10 weeks pregnant didn’t disclose at interview and told them at 13 weeks. You can pretend you didn’t know, 8 weeks isn’t that far along. They can’t dismiss you for being pregnant. At least just stay there for a while then go back to your usual job after smile

CatsRock Thu 22-Mar-18 22:09:59

Op with my first baby I was moved from a permanent employee to freelance contract just as I found out I was pregnant.

I did my research and found out the law protected me somewhat in this situation (entitled to mat leave pay based on the earning level of specific weeks in your pregnancy).

I didn't disclose my pregnancy until after the end of that specified period, and was lucky a client driven project kept ,e busy during it, so my mag leave entitlement was similar to the amount I would have got anyway.

In terms of job hunting, I'd started that before I found out I was pregnant. Was in several processes during the first trimester, including one with some tough technical tests when I had bad morning sickness. Didn't get that job but don't think it is the reason.

I would not have declared my pregnancy to any of them until they made me a firm offer.

The one I wanted the most dragged on. First discussion when I was 6 weeks. Four or five interviews in all which stretched out until I was about 28 weeks (luckily during a cold winter. I was showing by then but wore a large black jumper with jacket over, the guy didn't ask so I didn't declare). Then silence.

Thought it had fallen away tbh but turn out just to be a slow HR process. My prospective boss got I. Touch to say they were ready to make me an offer when I was 32 weeks pregnant.

I asked to meet him for coffee (wanted to gauge his reaction) and explained. Told him I was still in. But needed some time. He took it well no told me to contact him after the baby arrived.

I emailed him about a month after I gave birth. He said then 'I'm definitely hiring, I have the hr stuff worked out now. You are my top choice candidate, I know you just had a baby, tell me what you need to make this work.'

We spent a while negotiating terms and planned I'd start two days a week when the baby was 5 months, building up to four days a week. But then I had a serif and sudden illness. So postponed my start date and went in straight to 4 days a week when dc1 was seven months.

It was tougher going into a new job than back to one I knew, but I had no going back option and in the long run it worked out great.

You can do it OP

wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 22:15:38

@CatsRock thank you so much for sharing that.

I think it is likely that I would get a job after baby is born. I think I have a good reputation in my field and I've been part time for 7 years so it's not going to be a surprise to anyone.

It's the next 7 months that are the most worrying I think.

I'm a really really bad liar. I get anxious! I don't know if I could go for interview and not say I was pregnant.

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Zebrasinpyjamas Thu 22-Mar-18 22:43:01

In my case I was around 6 months pg so couldn't hide it. I had three applications where I had a great first interview by phone. Each of those potential employers invited me in for a follow up interview which was retracted once I told them I was pregnant. I think I would have had better luck if it had been earlier in my pregnancy as I wasn't planning on a full year off and so I would have had longer to settle in before leaving.

I got a great job after I'd given birth though so yes it did all work out eventually.
If I were you I'd only mention pregnancy in a second interview (if I mentioned it at all. It's such a dilemma). Imo if you mention your pregnancy, you need to explain your plan and why they should hire you anyway (eg immediately available, great experience, childcare for dc in place etc) . Don't let them assume anything inaccurate about your plans.
Depressingly I suspect women of child bearing age only become really employable again after having dc2 as employers assume their family is complete and they are a 'safe bet' again. I hope I'm being overly cynical though.
Good luck!

wejammin Thu 22-Mar-18 22:55:27

@Zebrasinpyjamas I think you're right about being "safe" after DC2. This is DC3 for me though! I'm delighted to be expecting but worst. timing. ever.

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Zebrasinpyjamas Fri 23-Mar-18 13:11:29

@wejammin I understand! I'd love dc3 but having got a relatively new job at a great employer, I feel a bit conflicted about the timing of it all.

ForgivenessIsDivine Sun 25-Mar-18 18:29:13

I had an interview and found out I was pregnant afterwards. I was offered the job and I told the employing manager who congratulated me and said welcome on board!

BellsaRinging Sun 25-Mar-18 18:37:54

I am also a solicitor, and was in a similar situation in that I returned from working abroad at three months pregnant. I chose to locum and had no problem finding work. Then looked for a job during what would have been maternity leave and went 'back' to work with a new firm when dc was 3 months.
I kind of agree with you about the reputational issue and this is mostly why I didn't look for a full time role whilst pregnant. I did get offered a role where I had locumed after I gave up work so it seemed to work. Having said this we recently employed someone who announced they were pregnant soon after accepting the role. Some raised eyebrows but she worked four months before going on maternity and is very well regarded as she is good at her job.

wejammin Sun 25-Mar-18 22:37:23

@ForgivenessisDivine thanks for the positive story. I think it's very different if you don't know you're pregnant, but at least they weren't difficult about it.

@BellsaRinging I think locum work might be an option but I don't know if most locums work full time? If at all possible I don't want to do part time (I know beggars can't be choosers though)

By coincidence a former colleague of mine called on Friday saying she needed a new member for her team as she was snowed under with work. As she's a good friend I told her about the pregnancy, she was a bit surprised but said I should still send my CV to her boss, and when I spoke to her later in the day she said he wasn't phased by it, they just wanted someone in to get the work done ASAP. He's going to call me next week so fingers crossed!

I also spoke to 6 different recruitment agents and there's jobs going at a few places where I know all the team, so I would definitely mention it at interview. They know my work so hopefully my reputation is good enough for them to look at me as a long term prospect.

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ForgivenessIsDivine Mon 26-Mar-18 12:35:42

Good luck, it sounds like you are in a good a position as you can be and that your reputation will stand you in good stead. What a shocker though... the partnership failing..

wejammin Fri 30-Mar-18 09:04:41

Just an update in case anyone is reading this one day in the same boat.

I got a new job yesterday. It's the one above that my friend contacted me about. They knew I was pregnant at interview which made me more relaxed and I was able to demonstrate why I was a good long term prospect. There are good employers out there!

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Mistydampandwet Fri 30-Mar-18 10:42:04

Brilliant well done. I was terrified when my company went bust and I too got a job via a contact. Turns out it was the best thing I ever did.

Zebrasinpyjamas Fri 30-Mar-18 15:35:38

That's amazing. Well done

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