Nhs - not returning to work after maternity

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graffles Wed 21-Mar-18 14:48:21

I previously worked weekends in my nhs job. A week before I was due back to work (I.e this week) my new manager informed me my hours would be changing and I would now be working during the week. This does not work for me as I have two pre schoolers and it will mean I will make a loss when I've paid out in childcare.
My husband cannot change his hours.
I have annual leave until may and am now looking at handing in my notice so I just work the 3 months you need to work so that you don't pay back your enhanced pay.
I just wondered if anyone had worked on the bank as part of their 3 month return? Not sure if that counts or whether you need to be working in a permanent position. I also wondered if I switched to bank work whether I could keep my current nhs pension?
Thanks in advance

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RavenclawRealist Wed 21-Mar-18 14:52:29

I'm not sure re the maternity leave (but my guess would be no) as for the pension how do your trust do bank is it internal or external? I do mine via an external company (nhsp) and they do have options for carrying on the nhs pension although I'm not sure if they contribute at the same rate. I opted out as it's a secondary income for me.

ohlittlepea Wed 21-Mar-18 14:52:46

If you had a previously agreed working arrangement for weekends and now they've changed it it doesn't work for you to return you might not need to do those 3 months as they've switched the conditions of the job ..best person to guide you through would be your union rep xx

ohlittlepea Wed 21-Mar-18 14:53:56

Also your annual leave counts towards those 12 weeks smile

Jellybean2017 Wed 21-Mar-18 14:56:34

Hi. At our Trust Bank does not count for the three months you need to work after maternity leave. It has to be substantive but you can use annual leave.

Ubercornsdiscoball Wed 21-Mar-18 14:57:04

I don’t think you could change to the bank. You can use annual leave. Plus If your contract stated weekends then i’m Not sure they can just change that

graffles Wed 21-Mar-18 15:19:12

Thanks all, that's good to know re bank work, I guess that's that option ruled out then! Perhaps I should contact hr re the changing of the hours.

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RavenclawRealist Wed 21-Mar-18 15:22:54

Were the weekend hrs in you contract or where they a flexible work agreement? 'My experience if flexible work agreements are reviewed yearly and can be revoked if the needs of the ward are no longer being meet. Of course this has to be fair so they can't revoke yours and leave others with similar agreements that's how it's always been in my trusts anyway

graffles Wed 21-Mar-18 15:26:28

Ah that's interesting ravenclaw, yes the hours were agreed after I returned from my last maternity leave so I guess they can be revoked, I just wish they'd given me s bit more notice!

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RavenclawRealist Wed 21-Mar-18 15:28:41

You can still speak to them or your union as there are processes they have to follow which they may not have might and like I say if you know what others arrangements are then they have to be fair to all staff so you could make an argument there

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