Accepting a job offer before a second interview elsewhere

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Byron123 Tue 20-Mar-18 11:58:11

I need some advice regarding a job I have been offered.

To give some context, I have been job searching for a few months and found recently that my job search was getting some traction with decent jobs getting to interview stage etc. I've had a couple of interviews where I've then been invited to second stage but I have turned them down if the fit isn't quite right as I really want to make sure this job is the right move for me and don't want to get in to the position of being offered a role if I don't feel it's right. I have also been offered a job role a few weeks ago that I turned down as I didn't feel it was quite right for me (and subsequently felt terrible about just because that is the type of person I am - over sensitive! ). Basically I really need to be sure where I am going is the right place for me and will be good for me long term. In the last few weeks I had 2 interviews with a company I thought I really liked. I had my final interview and didn't hear back for nearly 2 weeks (with recruiter checking in a couple of times to check my 'circumstances hadn't changed') and I was surprised to hear yesterday that they would like to offer me the job and with a really good package. So far so good but in the meantime I had a really great first interview elsewhere and have since been invited to second interview and I feel like this would be the one for me (if I were to get it) as I totally clicked with the manager and also it is in a bigger company with a bit more support - i.e I wouldn't be solely responsible for my particular deparment. Also I do have slight 'imposter syndrome' and the first job role is in a small almost startup company and I would be the only person in my particular department. Basically I am a bit worried that I might not live up to expectations if I accept even thought I have been totally honest with my experience and accomplishments (no embellishment). The package they have offered is really generous and it could potentially be a really good move for me but I have to be confident in myself and my abilities.

The second interview for the other company is next Monday and I need to decide by tomorrow what to do about the offer on the table. I feel really terrible about accepting a job and then potentially changing my mind if I get offered the other job and literally dread the thought of phoning the recruiter to tell them. That thought genuinely gives me anxiety (I know I'm a wuss) and this was how I felt when I knew I had to decline the previous job offer - it kept me up at night.

So can anybody advise me on what I should do? What would you do?! I know I need a thicker skin and it is just business but I can't help the way I feel about things sometimes. In a way I was hoping I wouldn't get this job and could focus my efforts on preparing for the second interview at the other company but now that they have offered me a good package I really need to consider it, and have been thinking about how good it could be. Should I just accept it and then let them down at a later date if I get the other job? There are so many variables! Advice appreciated. Thanks!

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Sweetheart Tue 20-Mar-18 12:02:47

Just verbally accept the 1st offer and go on your 2nd interview. Don't sign a contact until you know what you are doing with the other job. It really isn't a big deal. Interview processes are always just as much as you being right for the company as it is about the company being right for you.

Lastoftheusernames Tue 20-Mar-18 12:07:06

Have you had the offer in writing? If not, insist on full details in writing as a delaying tactic. Let the other company know an offer is already on the table to see if they can bring your interview forward.

If all else fails, accept the offer and await a contract. Don't sign the contract until you have had the other interview and made a decision. People accept and then turn down roles often. It's not great but it shouldn't affect you long term as long as you don't plan to work there in the future.

Byron123 Tue 20-Mar-18 14:30:24

Thanks for the replies! I'll definitely take that advice. Will try my best stalling tactic but not sure how long these things take to turn around. And who knows, this second interview may lead to nothing.

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